Manchester, Connecticut

Aquatic Facilities

(Open Fall/Winter/Spring - Closed in the Summer)

Manchester High School, 134 Middle Turnpike E

(Open Summer Only)

Globe Hollow, Marcy MacDonald, Salters, Swanson, Waddell


(Open Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend)

Located next to Verplanck School, 126 Olcott Street

Sprayground is open to the public. Masks are required when lounging or unable to maintain six feet of physical distance. Masks are NOT required when frolicking on the sprayground.

Olcott Street Sprayground
Open: Monday - Sunday, 10:00am - 8:00pm

Check out this video of the Sprayground!


Swim lessons are open to Manchester residents only. Please note the following age requirements for swimming levels:

Parent/Child Lessons
Adults must accompany child in water. Builds basic water safety skills for both adults and children, helping infants and young children become comfortable in the water so they are wiling and ready to learn how to swim. Water diapers and proper swim attire required.
Infant: Ages 6 months- 18 months
Toddler: Ages 19 months- 3 years 5 months

Learn to Swim Preschool Lessons
Gives young children ages 3.5 – 5 a positive, developmentally appropriate aquatic learning experience that emphasizes water safety, survival and foundational swimming concepts. This class is independent swimming. Parents are not required to be in the water with their children in the SUMMER, but parents must accompany child during the indoor season.
Preschool: 3 years 6 months - 5 years old

Please note that Levels 1 - 6 are typically for youth ages 5 - 12 years old. We do offer teen (13 - 18) lessons and adult (18+) lessons as well.

Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills
Enter/exit the water safely, submerge mouth, nose and eyes, exhale underwater (blow bubbles) through mouth and nose, open eyes underwater, show comfort maintaining a front float/back position, while supported, recover to a standing position while supported. Must be age 5 at the start of class to enroll.

Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills
Demonstrate a front/back glide (2 body lengths), float in a face-down position and recover from a back float to a standing position while unsupported, swim on front/back using any combination of arm and leg actions while unsupported.

Level 3: Stroke Development
Independently jump into deep water from the side, demonstrate a headfirst entry from the side in a sitting or kneeling position, submerge and retrieve an object (independently) from chest-deep water, demonstrate rotary breathing with body in a horizontal position, and demonstrate a survival float in deep water.

Level 4: Stroke Improvement
Demonstrate a dive from the side of the pool, swim underwater, and demonstrate each stroke for the following distances: Front crawl–25 yards, Back crawl–25 yards, Butterfly– 15 yards, Breaststroke–15 yards, Elementary backstroke–15 yards, Swim on side using scissor-like kick–15 yards.

Level 5: Stroke Refinement
Demonstrate front/back flip turns demonstrate the following strokes: Front crawl–50 yards Back Crawl–50 yards, Butterfly–25 yards Breaststroke–25 yards Elementary backstroke –25 yards Sidestroke–25 yards, Demonstrate survival swimming (2 minutes).

Level 6: Swimming & Skill Proficiency
Learning Objectives: Four components all of which stress endurance swimming & stroke technique. Personal Water Safety, Lifeguard Readiness, Fitness Swimming, Fundamentals of Diving.