Manchester, Connecticut

Aquatic Safety Tips

Six Ways to Swim Healthy

Healthy swimming behaviors are needed to protect you and kids from recreational water illnesses and to help prevent germs from getting into the pool.

1. Please don't swim when affected with diarrhea. This is especially important for kids wearing diapers. Germs can spread into the water and make other people sick.

2. Please don't swallow the pool water. In fact, try to avoid having water in your mouth.

3. Please practice good hygiene. Take a shower before swimming and wash hands after using toilets or changing diapers. Germs on the body end up in the water.

4. Please take kids on bathroom breaks or check
diapers often. Waiting to hear "I have to go", may be too late.

5. Please change diapers in a bathroom or locker room and not on pool deck or surrounding areas. Germs can spread to surfaces in and around the pool and spread illnesses.

6. Please wash child thoroughly (especially the rear end), with soap and water before swimming.

Keep Your Children Safe
1. Always supervise your child in and out of the water during swimming times.

2. Know your child's swimming ability, the depths of the water and designate a swimming area according to his or her ability.

3. Audio visual equipment and cameras are not permitted on pool grounds during non-swimming lesson times.

4. Do not read or listen to music or do things that will distract you from watching and or hearing your child.

5. Supervise your child when using bathroom and changing rooms.

The aquatics staff reserves the right to enforce any rule necessary to maintain the health and safety of all patrons.