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Part-Time Employee Portal

Welcome! This page is dedicated to both current and future part time employees with the Department of Leisure, Family and Recreation.  Within this page you will find hyperlinks to documents and information as well as fillable PDFs and seamless documents.


Looking to apply to be a part-time employee with the Department of Leisure, Family and Recreation? Click on #1 and #2 under "To Apply" below and get the process started!

To Apply (must complete BOTH #1 and #2)

1. Authorization Form

2. Application for Part-Time Employment <<<

*We have been receiving Authorization Forms without Applications, so be sure you have clicked on BOTH item 1 and item 2 above - thank you!*


Have you been hired already? Congratulations! Click on #3 - 8 below to complete the on-boarding process. The Hep B Declination Form (#5) is only for applicants who have not had their Hep B vaccine series - see Physical Profile. Please note that we require the original forms to be handed in for #6 - 8. The Direct Deposit Form (#9) is optional, but encouraged.

To Complete Hiring Process (must complete #3 THROUGH #8)

3. Post Job Offer Cover Letter

Please read the Post Job Offer Cover Letter before proceeding.

4. Physical Profile

5. Hep B Declination

6. CT W4 2022

7. FED W4 2022

8. I-9

I-9 Form Note: Please note that a copy of your social security card is mandatory for payroll purposes.

9. Direct Deposit Form

Other Forms
Change Form 
Social Media Policy Form
Emergency Contact Information Form
Incident/Accident Form
Mileage Reimbursement


Affirmative Action Plan Statement
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy
Sexual Harrassment Policy
Smoking Policy
Violence in the Workplace Policy
Aquatics Training Schedule/Letter
Aquatics Staff Handbook - Updated 2021
Handbook Agreement - Updated 2021